Goldie Taught You : Ecommerce

Goldie Taught You : Ecommerce


Goldie Taught You : Ecommerce Coaching

Welcome to the wonderful world of electronic commerce or as it's commonly known, Ecommerce.

So, you have the product or service and you're ready to monetize. There's only one problem... you have absolutely no idea how to do that or where to start.

Goldie to the rescue! In this coaching session we'll chat for an hour on a number of topics. With 9 years experience selling merchandise online, a communications degree with a focus in marketing, combined with a mix of horror and success stories in tow, I'm ready to tell you all I know (basically spill all the need to know tea) regarding:

  • How to set up your site and which platforms I prefer;
    Including hosting, email and blogging preferences and the importance of it all
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Packaging and Branding
  • Targeting and engaging the right audience
  • Retention of customers
  • Effective campaigning 
  • Locking in repeat sales
  • All the do's & don'ts in between

I'll also touch on a few general business 101 tips that will be helpful for your money making journey on and offline.

Wait, there's more...

In addition to our 1 hour chat you'll be provided with planning worksheets and goal setting templates to jumpstart you in your endeavour. These extra resources will keep you organized, on time and on budget!

Ready to make some money?

Upon purchase you'll receive an email to book your session.

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