Order Processing time is up to 7-14 *business days*


How long is processing time?

Once order is placed, there is a processing time of 7-14 * business days* *before* items are shipped. The day order is placed is not included. Tracking information is sent after processing time

How long does shipping take?

When fulfilling in Toronto-

With Canada Post:
Domestic (Toronto, ON) standard shipping is received in 1-2 *business days*
Regional (Canada)  standard shippings is 2-3 *business days*

With USPS:
From Toronto to the US, standard shipping takes 3-5 *business days*
Expedited shipping takes 2-3 *business days*

International standard shipping takes 8-10 *business days*

When fulfilling in Bermuda (currently due to Covid 19)- 

With DHL:
Domestic shipping in Bermuda takes 1-2 business days

International orders can take between 3-8 business days

Is tracking information provided?
Yes, a second email is sent with tracking information. This email will follow the first, which states that your package is on its way to you. Tracking information is sent after the processing time of 2-5 *business days*

What size should I get with GTL by Gold The Label Merchandise?
Below the product there is a size chart that outlines the corresponding sizes.

Please read full product description as the online store may temporarily close from time to time and a notice of this will be present. This will affect the arrival time of your order.  The description will also state any shipping notices for pre-sale items.